How to restart network manager in Centos/RHEL 8

In this article, you will learn about Network Manager daemon in Linux.

If you want to start or restart network service in Centos 7/8 and RHEL 7/8, it is slightly different. After the new upgrade from CentOS 7 to CentOS 8 or from RHEL 7 to RHEL 8, some problems come using the older commands for the network manager. So you can use the below two methods for the network manager.

The command I’ll run in this guide, I’ll run as root so if you are a normal user with sudo privilege then you can use sudo before every command.

Step I: Using the Network Manager

I am going to use Network Manager in the first process. It is the straightforward commands and no need to be worry or read more about that. Just run the command, and you will get the output.

Sometimes, this command will not work correctly, but you can use the second method in that case.

To start/stop/restart the network service, type below command

systemctl start NetworkManager
systemctl stop NetworkManager
systemctl restart NetworkManager
network manager in linux

Step II: Using the nmcli tool

I am going to use the nmcli tool in the second process. This process is a little complicated because you must be near to your system. But this command works in maximum cases without any problem. I recommend this only if you are physically present there.

Note: This process completely disables and enables the Network service, so you are running this process from the remotely connected computer, then you will lose the connection. So use this command when you are physically available at the system or server place.

nmcli networking off
nmcli networking on

In CentOS/RHEL 8, if you are changing manually in the ifcfg file, you must tell this change to NetworkManager. So, you can use the below command for this update.

nmcli connection reload


In conclusion, you learned how to start or restart network manager daemon in Linux. I hope you understand, but if you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section.

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