How to use at command for job scheduling in Linux

In this article, we are going to use, at command in Linux.

The at command is known for a one-time job scheduler. This is very useful when you want a job to run once. It reads commands from standard input or script/file, which can be executed later once. But we can’t use at command for any recurring tasks. For recurring tasks, we use crontab in Linux.

The benefits of at, at command in linux

  • Taking a one-time backup.
  • Scheduling for system shutdown for a specific time.
  • Sending any remainder email for a specific time.
  • Firing any command once at any particular time.

Installation of at

Installing on CentOS or RHEL,

yum install at

Installing on Fedora

If you are installing on Fedora then you can use the below command.

dnf install at

Installing on Debian or Ubuntu

There is a different command to install on Debian or Ubuntu. Ubuntu is generally based on Debian. You can find the below command useful for this.

apt install at

Installing on Arch

Arch Linux has another command for this installation.

pacman -S at

Starting the service for at and enabling on startup

There is the command to start and enable the service to start on the next reboot automatically.

systemctl start atd
systemctl enable atd

Commands used with at

at – execute commands at a specified time.

atq – lists the pending jobs of users.

atrm – delete jobs by their job number.

Schedule a job using the at command from Terminal

1: To run a command exact one minute from now

at now + 1 minutes
at> echo "Welcome to the Linux" > welcome.txt
at> <EOT>
job 3 at Sun Jan 19 22:27:00 2020
at command
at command job scheduling

2: If you want to run a command at 10 AM 2 days from now then the command will look like the below,

at 10am + 2 days

3: To schedule a task at 9:00 AM.

at 9:00 AM

4: If you want to schedule a task at 09:00 AM on the coming Sunday.

at 09:00 AM Sun

5: Schedule a task at 10:00 AM on the coming 20th Jan.

at 10:00 AM Jan 20

6: Schedule a task at 09:00 AM on the coming 20th of Jan 2020.

at 09:00 AM 1/20/2020 


at 09:00 AM 1.20.2020

7: Schedule task at 09:00 AM on the same date next month.

at 09:00 AM next month

8: Schedule task at 09:00 AM tomorrow.

at 09:00 AM tomorrow

9: Schedule tasks to execute just after 1 hour.

at now + 1 hour

Important Points

  • To check the current jobs, only type atq
  • If you want to delete any job, type atrm job_id
  • To check the content of the scheduled job, type at -c job_id

Scheduling to run a script

If you want to run a script then you can use -f.

Scheduling to run a script
Scheduling to run a script


In this tutorial, we learn about at command, which is used for scheduling the task for one time run. I hope you understand, but if you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section.

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