This is all about Linux Gurus is a website that publishes useful and practical tutorials for system admin and DevOps engineers and Linux enthusiasts.

Linux Gurus was started on 20 September 2019 by Sahil Hasan. And, here we test all the tutorials practically in the production environment before publishing it.

We, as a team, want to share our IT skills and experience through our website, which may help you to understand Linux easily. The main reason to start the Linux Gurus is to publish always precise information.

The mission of Linux Gurus is to organize the Linux information and make it universally accessible and useful with zero errors.

Every one is fresher once, in life, they got knowledge after taking the first step. So start learning and expanding your experience with the practical.

Great experiences have the power to inspire, transform, and move the world forward. And every great adventure starts with practicing.

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